In a recent study in the United States it was found that 100% of 18 -29 year olds, 98% of 30 – 49 year olds and 92% of 50 and over age group preferred to use the texting function on the android devices over any other communication function available to them, it is also the most used function on mobile devices.

Businesses who classically use emails and faxes as mode of communication, are very aware of the fact that in order to expand their client base, they must turn to using texting as an official mode of communication.

There are several advantages of this apart from the obvious speed and simplicity, more importantly it brings the business in level with customer and provides an informal channel of communication between the two. Accessibility however, is by far the largest advantage to any business. With people’s dependency on their mobile phones at an all-time high accessibility is practically unlimited from home to the work place, out shopping to exercising, messages are available at the press of a button.

The speed of messaging also appeals to customers as it potentially creates as 24/7 link between the customer and business with faster response times.

The effect on conversation through texting as was researched by sales automation software provider Velocity shows amazing results. An increasing prospects of sale by 40% for those who were contacted by text, 100% of those who were contacted by text following initial phone contact and a staggering 328% of those who were sent 3 or more purposeful messages.

Available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices and as a web application. Hipchat is one of the most popular business messaging systems. It is a secure and fast messaging service. HipChat Basic accounts are free, you can also pay $2.00 user p/m for a HipChat Plus account for added features such as 1 to 1 Voice Calling, 1 to 1 Video Calling, 1 to 1 Screen Sharing, data retention flexibility and LDAP/AD Integration with unlimited file storage and searchable message history.

Available for Mac, iOS, Android, and as a web app. Slack is another very popular messaging service, used by some big names like BuzzFeed, eBay, and NBC Universal. The interface is the major difference between Hipchat and Slack. Slack has a visual, user-friendly interface, and their signature feature Slackbot helps new users to get acquainted with the service.

Slack Basic is free then prices vary from version to version with different features and integrations with pricing starting from $6.67 per user/month to $12.50 per user/month.

Available for iOS and Android. This messaging system is made specifically for mobiles and is popular with mobile sales teams. It can also be used for secure external 2 way messaging between vendors and customers.

As with the others basic accounts for Avaamo are free they also have a premium account, which includes data compliance, better customer support and some other useful features. Prices vary for the premium accounts and details of pricing can be obtained by contacting Avaamo.

These are just a few applications that we have identified up till now. We will definitely be adding up the list in our upcoming posts and let you know what business messaging tools are available for your use. The pricing for the above mentioned tools are such that it can fit to your organization needs i.e. either large or small business or a startup. Let us know what you think of our first post, we will keep sharing more with you in the future.